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Excellence in Surgical Care for Your Pets

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Our team at Foster Animal Hospital is equipped to handle all manner of soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, from common elective procedures to more complicated emergencies. Exceptional skill and experience, commitment to ongoing education, and solid pre– and post-operative protocols ensure a positive experience for our patients. We also offer many specialized surgeries with a board-certified veterinary surgeon, scheduled and performed here in our hospital.

Our Commitment to Safety and Pain Management

Throughout the planning of each surgery, we aim to maximize safety and comfort. Prior to the day of surgery we perform pre-anesthetic labwork to look for any hidden problems. During the procedure, we use the safest anesthetic drugs available, administer IV fluids, and monitor patients continuously for blood pressure, ECG, body temperature, and oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. In addition to these safety measures, each patient is assigned a personal recovery nurse, who cares for the patient from the time he or she comes into the hospital until awake.

At Foster Animal Hospital, we place a high priority on pain control, providing analgesia before, during, and after surgery. We want every patient to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure and the following days. Less pain positions your pet for faster healing and the best possible outcome.

Post-Operative Care

The cat was injured and put the collarAt the time of discharge, a technician meets with the pet owner to go over what happened during surgery, explain medications, and cover post-operative home care. Every effort is made to send your pet home the same day as surgery, but in cases where additional care is needed, arrangements will be made to transfer your pet to a facility where veterinary professionals can provide continued monitoring.

Orthopedic Surgery at Foster Animal Hospital

Foster Animal Hospital routinely performs orthopedic surgeries, which are procedures related to bones and joints. Orthopedic surgery is a special interest of our skilled surgeon, Dr. Mark Plott. Canine rehabilitation and physical therapy sessions at our Paws in Motion Canine Rehabilitation Center are included in the cost of every orthopedic surgery, to speed patient healing and return to mobility.

Common orthopedic pet surgeries include:

  • Bone fracture repair
  • Cruciate ligament repair, extracapsular and TPLO techniques
  • Leg or toe amputation
  • Patellar luxation repair
  • Surgeries to treat hip dysplasia, including femoral head ostectomy (FHO)

Soft Tissue Surgery at Foster Animal Hospital

Our veterinarians are experienced in a variety of soft tissue pet surgeries, the most common being elective procedures such as spay and neuter. Mass/tumor removals are also performed on a routine basis.

Other examples of veterinary soft tissue surgeries include:

  • Intestinal foreign body removal
  • Laceration and wound repair
  • Eye surgery
  • Specialized surgeries
    • Perineal urethrostomy
    • Mastectomy
    • Splenectomy