Paws in Motion Canine Rehabilitation Center

Foster Animal Hospital is proud to offer rehab services through our on-site Paws In Motion Canine Rehabilitation center, established in January 2015.

What is Rehab?

For dogs having difficulty getting around, canine rehab offers new hope. Similar to physical therapy for people, canine rehabilitation is helpful to dogs recovering from surgery, those that have suffered an injury, dogs that are dealing with the chronic pain of arthritis, and for giving our canine athletes a competitive edge.

It’s difficult to see our dogs unable to move around easily and live joyfully. With therapy, however, stiffness, lameness, and pain can often be successfully treated and your pet can improve his or her functional ability. Canine rehab facilitates healing of limbs, joints, and soft tissue injuries. Most importantly, it helps to manage pain, improving the quality of life for your pet, as well as reducing the need for pain medications that have possible side effects.

Treatment Modalities

Rehab and physical therapy techniques include both therapeutic modalities, as well as the use of canine fitness equipment. Techniques employed include:

  • Therapeutic stretches and massage
  • Hot and cold treatments
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Exercise regimens
  • Home therapy plans

Benefits of canine rehab and treatment include:

  • Increased rate of recovery from injury and surgery
  • Pain reduction
  • Increased strength and range of motion
  • Weight loss assistance
  • Performance enhancement for dogs that compete in athletics (agility, Flyball, etc.)

We have a skilled team who has undergone months of education at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute and training at some of the top centers in America. Our team is passionate about utilizing the latest research and techniques to ease pet’s pain and improve outcomes. 

Click here to view Before & After Videos and client reviews from pet owners who have enjoyed our rehabilitation services.

Physical Rehabilitation Referrals

For clients and veterinarians referring patients to or from other hospitals, please consult the following referral forms:

For more information about Paws In Motion Canine Rehabilitation Center, download our brochure. Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions.