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The Right Tests Lead toThe Best Treatment Plan for Your Pet

Cute wided eyed kitten looking at the camera

One of the complications of dealing with a sick pet is that you can’t simply ask what is hurting. That is why diagnostic testing is important. When your pet is not well, we need to find out what is happening on the inside. In addition to detailed history—taking and physical exams, advanced diagnostics help us identify the problem so that we can develop an effective treatment plan.

  • Digital X-rays take still images, or radiographs, of the body.
  • Ultrasound studies give us a different view of the internal organs, often providing more detailed information than can be obtained from radiographs alone.
  • EKGs, or ECGs, show the electrical activity of the heart in real-time, used most often during our anesthetic monitoring.
  • Blood and other laboratory testing is performed in house as well as through a qualified external lab.

We work with a board-certified veterinary radiologist to further enhance our testing expertise. We consult with this specialist on every radiograph taken at Foster Animal Hospital, and can schedule cardiac and abdominal ultrasounds to be performed with him at our main location.