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Quality Preventive Care at Foster Animal Hospital for Your Four-Legged Family

Cat looking up on cat tower

Preventive Care Plans are packages designed to meet your pet’s annual health care needs, with the option of affordable monthly payments. Services can be performed at any time within the year of purchase.

Choosing your Preventive Care Plan

Our staff and veterinarians can help guide you to the best Plan for your pet, based on his or her lifestyle and health needs. We recognize every pet is an individual.

Enrollment and Payment Options

Preventive Care Plans cover one year from the day of enrollment, and services may be used any time during that period. Our financing options include payment in full at time of services, all major credit cards including CareCredit, and Payment Banc upon approval. Payment Banc is a program that deducts monthly payments from an active checking account, or debit or credit card.

What’s included:

    • For Dogs: Rabies (NC law mandated) 3–year vaccine, Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus 3–year vaccine, Leptospirosis (prevalent in NC, contagious to people, can be fatal) yearly, and Bordetella intranasal yearly.
    • For Cats: Rabies (NC law mandated) 3–year vaccine and Herpes, Calici, and Panleukopenia (distemper) 3–year vaccine.
  • One Annual Wellness Exam with or without a Bi-annual Wellness Exam
  • Heartworm/ Tick-borne disease testing with or without Comprehensive Lab Work
  • Monthly payment options

Contact us with questions.