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Preventive Care for Our Canine Friends in Concord, NC

Catahoula Puppy

Our goal is to keep your dog active and happily frolicking at your side for as long as possible.

Annual exams and preventive medicine are critical to your dog’s wellness. It is far better to prevent or detect disease early than to begin treatment in an advanced state. Vaccines and regular heartworm prevention are easy to give, but having to treat the diseases they prevent can be costly and difficult.

Seeing and getting to know your dog when well or “normal” helps us to better diagnose if he or she does fall ill. Also, in circumstances where there is not the urgency and stress of a specific veterinary problem, there’s time for discussion of nutrition, behavior, flea control, new products, and other educational topics.

What to Expect at Your Dog’s Annual Exam

  • A thorough physical exam from ears to tail (eyes, teeth, lungs, abdomen, heart, weight, skin and coat, etc.)
  • Behavioral questions (water consumption, diet, energy level, mobility, etc.), often revealing underlying medical issues
  • Vaccine updates
  • Fecal ova and parasite tests to determine if intestinal parasites are present
  • Blood profile tests to reveal evidence of heartworm, thyroid or kidney issues, diabetes, infection, anemia, etc.
  • Other tests that may be indicated; for example, urinalysis
  • We encourage dog owners to fill out a Pet Wellness Report ahead of time, to help our professionals thoroughly cover every health concern during the visit.

At-home “self-checks’ are also valuable as a way to monitor your dog’s health. To see how, view this video on how to examine your dog at home.