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Exceptional Care for Concord, NC, Cats

Cat Playing with Mouse

Like you, we love our feline friends and wish them a lengthy and enjoyable life. At Foster Animal Hospital, we emphasize preventive medicine and cat wellness visits.

Annual preventive care exams can catch early warning signs of disease and are critical to ensuring the health of your cat. Felines are masters at hiding illness or discomfort, since in the wild appearing sick made them more vulnerable to predators. Regular examinations and labwork can reveal what your cat has been hiding from you.

What to Expect at Your Cat’s Annual Exam

  • A thorough physical exam from ears to tail (eyes, teeth, lungs, abdomen, heart, weight, skin and coat, etc.)
  • Behavioral questions (water consumption, diet, energy level, litter box, etc.) often reveal underlying medical issues
  • Vaccine updates
  • Fecal ova and parasite tests to determine if intestinal parasites are present
  • Blood profile tests to reveal evidence of thyroid or kidney issues, diabetes, infection, inflammation, etc.
  • Other tests that may be indicated; for example, urinalysis
  • We encourage cat owners to answer questions ahead of time for a Pet Wellness Report to help our professionals cover every concern you may have during your visit.

At-home “self-checks” are also valuable as a way to monitor your cat’s health. To see how, view this video on “Performing a Basic Pet Check”.