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Trust Foster Animal Hospital for Thoughtful Veterinary Preventive Care in Concord NC


Regular preventive care for your pets helps them live longer and healthier, so that they can focus on being their lovable selves without having to deal with preventable illnesses. Regular care can also save you money, as many diseases such as heartworm infection and parvovirus are life-threatening and costly to treat, but easy to prevent.

Preventive care extends from the first puppy or kitten visit until the end of a beloved life. We’ve created the following pages to tell you about our ideas on keeping your pet healthy, and to offer advice on caring for your pet throughout the various life stages.

  • Heartworm, flea, and tick treatment & prevention
    What are heartworms and how can you protect your pet? Find out here. Also, learn about the dangers of fleas and ticks, and tips to keep your pet and home free of these parasites.
  • Puppy and kitten care
    Early vet care sets the stage for a long life and a strong human-animal bond.
  • Cat and dog preventive care
    Our preventive approach enhances the health and vitality of your furry friend.
  • Senior pet care
    Read our suggestions for keeping your pet active and pain free.
  • Pet vaccinations
    See our vaccine recommendations, which prevent serious and sometimes contagious-to-people diseases.
  • Preventive Care Plans
    We offer comprehensive plans that cover all your pet’s preventive care needs with financing options.
  • End of Life
    This is a sad but necessary part of our journey with our pets, and we are here to help you through it.

You can rely on us as a partner in keeping your pet feeling his or her best. We value effective communication. After all, we are your “other family doctor.