Every Month Is Spay/Neuter Month At Foster Animal Hospital!



For years, many of us veterinarians have used certain months to promote services and items. Some still do. These promotions could include- spay/neuter, dentistry, wellness tests, etc. In 2012, we at Foster Animal Hospital designed and implemented our Dental Cleaning Promo that proved to be resoundingly popular. Many clients liked this promo because we designed it as a single price that fit every dog or cat regardless of the “state of their mouth”. In fact, the Dental Cleaning Promo was so popular, we declared every month at Foster Animal Hospital as Dental Month.

Due to the Dental Promo’s popularity, we have designed our Spay/Neuter Promo as well! The Spay/Neuter Promo is designed to include: the spay/neuter itself, pre-operative bloodwork, fluid therapy under anesthesia, complete monitoring of all vitals, and a Capstar flea pill. (To see the details, click on the link below. Also with the link there is a pdf file that shows the prices and the Promo details.) As you will see, there is “one price that fits all”. The age and weight of your pet does not affect the price! By including the pre-operative bloodwork and fluids, you don’t have to sacrifice quality. We hope all can see the value recieved in our new Promo!



So why spay/neuter?

  • The most obvious reason is population control. The number of feral cats and unwanted puppies and kittens in Cabarrus County is staggering. Some estimates place the feral cat population in the hundreds of thousands. Many unwanted puppies and kittens are euthanized each year or are abandoned for an unknown fate. Controlling the over-population is crucial.
  • Behavior. Plain and simple, hormones influence behavior. When an animal is spayed or neutered, the source of hormones is removed: the ovaries or the testicles. Unwanted male behavior includes aggression, roaming, urine marking, excessive libido. Most puppies taken to Animal Control are done so because of behavioral issues. Most are never adopted.
  • Health. Studies show that spaying female dogs or cats before their first heat cycle, results in an almost 0% chance of developing breast cancer. The old wive’s tale of letting them go through the first heat is wrong. Spaying is recommended at 6 months of age. Females also cannot develop ovarian disease, uterine disease, or pyometra once they are spayed. Males have a much reduced risk of prostate infection/inflammation once neutered. (neutering doesn’t have a profound effect on limiting prostate cancer however). Many non-spayed and non-neutered dogs and cats develop problems in old age. Couple the older age with a severe uterine or prostate infection, and you have a patient that is not a desirable surgical candidate.

I hope this helps you understand the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. Every dog and cat I own has been spayed or neutered. All were done by 6 months of age. Please click on the link below to learn more about Foster Animal Hospital’s new Spay/Neuter Promo.

Link: https://www.fosteranimalhospital.com/news/


All the best,

Steve Foster, DVM, CCRT

Foster Animal Hospital

Concord, NC