Preventive Care Plans For Your Pet!

I want to inform everyone of a great opportunity, our preventative care plans. We offer these plans as a way to take care of your dog and/or cat for one year and save money at the same time. Often owners are unaware of what their dog or cat might need from their veterinarian during one year. Our goal for creating the plans is to allow owners to get the best care for their dog and/or cat. Our receptionists, assistants and veterinarians can give you the information to help you make that decision. Each plan includes at least one free office visit and discounts on other services or products that aren’t included in the plan. This will hopefully allow you to bring your pet to us more often with less expense so that you can take care of your pet the way you want. We also have special financing options available. Please contact us today about this exciting opportunity!
Mark Plott, DVM, CCRT-pending


Bunker Says, “Paying for your Preventive Care Plan is as easy as 1-12! Months that is!”

Yo hey, just a follow-up on those Preventive Care Plans. Some have wondered about that there special financing. Well, it’s purty simple really. There’s this deal called PaymentBanc. And what it is, is, if you have a checking account and it accepts automatic withdrawals and you pass a short qualifier thingy, you can pay for those Plans with 12 equal payments over 12 months. ( that qualifier thingy ain’t no credit check and it don’t hit your credit rating ) Now there is a non-refundable processing fee of $35. Ya gotta pay that up front along with the first monthly payment. After that, you’re good as gold for 11 months more. If that doesn’t interest ya, they still take cash, checks, all major credit cards, and Care Credit. Now I don’t know about youins, but if I’m a human owner of the greatest species in the world (you know I’m a Lab so that would be us K-9’s, but the purry ones are cool too), I’d be all over that. You know what I mean? So, give’em a call and they’ll be glad to answer your questions and take any glowing reviews of this here blog you want to give ’em. Oh and hopefully in the next couple weeks, the website will be updated with the details of each plan. (Details- for a dog that sounds painful.) Anyhoo, check it out at Thanks y’all! Check ya later!