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Thunderstorms. Fireworks. Text message alerts. Alarm beeps. Guns during hunting season. Construction. Screaming children. TV sound-effects. Traffic noise.

We’ve all heard these and are usually unfazed. (I know some will faze!) But what about your dog? Is she fazed by any of these? Does she start to shake, pant, pace, cling, whine, hide, etc.? Studies show at least one-third of dogs suffer from noise aversion.

For years our pets just had to suffer through it. Sure we tried tranquilizers or other anti-anxiety medicines only to find the storm passed and NOW Fido is sleeping. In recent years innovations like pheromone therapy and thundershirts have helped many. Recently, a new medication called Sileo has been launched. While not perfect, I have been very pleased with the effects. Even for my own dog.

Basically, Sileo is a micro-dose of a commonly use veterinary sedative. It is administered orally and is absorbed by the mucosa of the dog’s gums. It will not worked if swallowed. Because it is a micro-dose, anxiety is relieved with virtually no sedation. My dog Vesey has responded very well to Sileo. I have even used it for her travel anxiety, even though it is not labeled for that issue. My thought is: anxiety is anxiety.

So if your pup doesn’t “enjoy the noise”, give us a call. Sileo may just be the ticket for her!

All the best,

Stephen E Foster, DVM, CCRT

Foster Animal Hospital, P.A.

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Independence Day Blues…

Independence Day is here again and while it means family, friends, grilling out and fireworks for most, for me it means… ANXIETY!!!!





Every year around this time people in my neighborhood like to shoot off fireworks to celebrate. I don’t like fireworks. They make a lot of noise that sounds like thunder and it makes my anxiety level go up.

I get so nervous that it makes my tummy hurt and I can’t eat or drink. I don’t even come out from under mom & dad’s bed. It’s dark and quiet under there. This is usually how I spend every 4th of July.

But not this year!






This year my mom is using Adaptil. Mom says, “Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the pheromone a puppy’s mother emits after birth to calm and reassure new puppies. These pheromones can have this same calming effect on adult dogs in stressful situations.”

I don’t understand all those big words she used, but I can’t argue with results! Whenever mom sprays this on my bed or puts a collar on me, or even plugs it into the wall I start to feel less stressed. Mom says she can see a big difference when she uses it, even during thunder storms!

I’m just happy that I won’t have the Independence Day Blues again this year!

Thanks Mom!