Hello Dr. Steve,
Here is Molly’s story. Can I have my best friend tell how amazed she is with Molly’s improvement? She has known Molly for 11 years and has watched her health go downhill. She could not believe how great she is doing. She is like a new dog.
Words can not express how grateful we are to you for saving Molly. It’s amazing how God answers prayers.
Take care
Michelle S.

This is Molly our 13 year old mixed black Labrador’s story. I made an appointment with Dr. Steve Foster on January 2, 2012 knowing in my heart that Molly only had days to live. Her arthritis had become so bad in her left front elbow and her back legs that I could no longer bear to see her suffer. Through the tears I explained to Dr. Steve Molly’s problem. Dr. Steve asked me if I would be willing to try rehabilitation/physical therapy. This was the best thing I have ever done for Molly. After one session everyone could see the change in Molly. We have now completed 7 sessions and she is like a young dog again!! Her limp is gone and her back legs move independently where before the back legs did the old man shuffle. If you have a dog like Molly it is definitely worth doing therapy. It saved her life. Words cannot express our gratitude to Dr. Steve. THANK YOU!!
Love Molly XOXO
January 27, 2012