Obesity and Canine Rehabilitation Part 3 – The End

First we discussed the effects obesity can have on your furry family member and second we discussed diet changes to help with weight loss and control weight gain. So, for the last part of this series we are going to discuss the benefits of starting and continuing canine rehabilitation using the underwater treadmill.

Underwater treadmill is used for post-surgical and non-surgical orthopedic conditions, osteoarthritis in older patients, athlete conditioning and weight loss. For patients that are overweight or obese there is a risk of doing land exercises because of the stress that is applied to all the joints during the performing of these exercises. With the underwater treadmill these patients can exercise more safely because of the buoyant environment the water provides. The water’s buoyancy reduces weight bearing while at the same time it increases metabolic demand and improves muscle strengthening because of the resistance present while walking on the underwater treadmill. With the underwater treadmill you can also raise the water high enough for the patient to perform some swimming (be sure to have a life jacket for the patient).

amadeus swimming amadeus Luke

The water levels and speed of the underwater treadmill can alter the patients motion and exercises exertion level. Each patient is different in what their needs are going to be so you want to be sure and have a certified canine rehabilitation therapist examine the patient before pursuing any rehabilitation treatment.

Here at Paws In Motion Canine Rehabilitation Center we have two Conditioning Plans pre-packaged for your weight loss needs. Conditioning Plan 1 has the first bag of metabolic + mobility dry food along with sessions of underwater treadmill therapy. Conditioning Plan 2 has underwater treadmill sessions. By giving a weight loss food along with the underwater treadmill sessions is more beneficial than just doing one or the other. When both the diet plan and exercise plan are being met you know that there are no exceptions in their diet because they can only have that food and with the exercise plan they have their own personal weight loss trainer along the way until they reach their goal. There is also exercises sent home for you to complete throughout their plan and beyond. Once they reach their target weight we will help you to maintain their target weight so they don’t become overweight or obese later.