Obesity and Canine Rehabilitation Part 2

We are going to talk about diet today. Sometimes it can be difficult to stick to a diet for ourselves much less for our canine or feline companions. There is a food through Hill’s Science Diet that increases metabolism to aid in losing weight. It is called Prescription Diet Metabolic for cats and dogs, Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility for dogs, and Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary for cats.

The Prescription Diet Metabolic for dogs and cats is formulated to support your pet’s weight management. In fact, 88% of pets lost weight at home in two months with the nutrition of Metabolic. Metabolic naturally works with your pet’s unique metabolism. Helps avoid weight regain after weight loss. Also helps your pet fill full and satisfied between meals. Along with that it supports vitality and holistic health. It works because it contains a synergistic blend of ingredients including fiber from fruits and vegetables along with powerful antioxidants.

The Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility for dogs is especially formulated to help manage your dog’s weight and joint health. It has clinically proven nutrition to improve mobility in as little as twenty-one days and reduce body weight by 13% in sixty days. Improves your dog’s ability to run, walk, and jump along with doing the same that regular Prescription Diet Metabolic does. Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

The Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary is formulated to help with your cat’s weight and urinary health. It has clinically tested nutrition to reduce the most common urinary signs by 89% and proven to reduce body weight by 11% in 60 days. Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary has the ability to dissolves struvite stones in as little as seven days (average is twenty-seven days) along with the same helpful aids Prescription Diet Metabolic provides. There are also controlled levels of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorous.

Be sure if you decide you want to switch your pet to a weight loss diet please discuss this with your veterinarian to be sure there are no health issues or risks of making exercise and diet changes. Also when switching your pet to a new food you need to be sure and mix with the old food to do a slow transition in order to prevent GI upset like vomiting and diarrhea. Also when a pet is on a prescription diet be sure not to give anything else because that also will add into the calorie count for the day. These Prescription Diet foods come in dry and canned (pate and stew provided). Also has Prescription Diet Metabolic treats to come along if need be. If this diet does become recommended to your dog or cat there are measurements that are taken on your pet to calculate a weight loss plan. It will tell us how much of dry, canned, and treats to feed per day. This helps to stick with the diet plan when there is a goal in sight. Below is one of the proper ways to transition a pet over to a different/ new food.

feeding transition guide