The Story of Clarence Part 3

Clarence continued to improve. He became stronger with each rehabilitation session. He is now able to trot up and down the exercise room. Performing sideways and backwards walking. I would also have him trotting in circles and going through weave cones. These exercises improved his ability to balance and improved use of the left rear leg by weight shifting. We still continued manual therapies and LASER treatment along with the therapeutic exercises. Mr. and Mrs. Wines, Clarence’s owners, have exercises they are performing with Clarence at home daily.


The Underwater Treadmill was the next challenging exercise for Clarence to begin. His rear legs were finally strong enough to go against the tension of the water. He started out doing underwater treadmill once a week. Clarence really enjoyed the water to the point he would dunk his whole nose under the water before the treadmill feature began. The settings for Clarence were set at 1.3 miles per hour for five minutes. The depth of the water was marked at fifteen inches. By the time of his last underwater treadmill session his settings were 1.3-1.5 miles per hour for eight minutes. The water depth was set at sixteen inches. Sessions in the underwater treadmill helped to improve his strength and gait even more.

The day came for Clarence’s last rehabilitation session. Everyone was so happy to see how well he had progressed in his recovery, but also sad to see him go. We will never forget his wonderful story, and I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Wines for allowing us to share Clarence’s story. You can check out Clarence’s Rehabilitation Journey video below.