Hey Friends!

Sleep 2

It’s Amadeus again. I’m so glad to see you! I’ve been doing a lot of relaxing lately. I even missed a week of my rehab therapy because mom had to go out of town for a work seminar & I got to lay around all week.

I didn’t realize how much I needed my rehab therapy twice a week until after mom came back in town. Oh boy! When I went back to Paws In Motion Canine Rehabilitation Center to see Candace, I could tell I really needed my therapy!


Candace was doing my soft tissue massage therapy like usual and all of a sudden I could feel my back muscles start to twitch. They were hurting. I didn’t realize how bad my back could feel just by missing a week of therapy. I sure am glad that Candace is working on my muscles to make them feel better and stop them from hurting.

I don’t ever want to miss another Canine Rehabilitation appointment!


Mya’s Chronicles Part 3



Hello again. My hip surgery went well with no complications. One week after my surgery I came for my first rehabilitation appointment at Paws In Motion Canine Rehabilitation Center. Candace Lafond, CCRA (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Assistant), performed the therapy for my rehabilition session. My first rehabilitation session consisted of PROM (Passive Range of Motion), STM (Soft Tissue Massage) and LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation).

Passive range of motion is where the certified rehabilitation assistant moves the leg through what should be normal range of motion. This manual therapy is performed to keep the joints and muscles from becoming tight and stiff. Passive range of motion also helps to observe degrees of flexion and extension of the joints. If there are joints and muscles that are tight and stiff the certified rehabilitation assistant will manually perform stretches to loosen the muscles and joints slowly not to cause discomfort. Soft tissue massage is where all the muscles, mainly around specific areas of concern, are massaged to work out trigger points/ muscle knots in order to relieve muscle tightness. LASER therapy is a cold laser that the assistant administers  a certain amount of joules (energy) into the areas of concern or surgery sites. This modality (therapeutic method) helps with controlling pain/ discomfort, to decrease inflammation and to promote blood circulation for healing. My favorite part of my rehabilitation session was the LASER therapy because I got to wear these cool glasses called Doggles. I can’t wait for my next rehabilition session.