Snowmageddon 2015!

Snowmageddon 2015

Hey Friends,

It’s Amadeus again! I made it through Snowmageddon 2015! It was pretty rough. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to make it through! There was all this cold, white stuff falling from the sky and covering the ground where I go potty. My mom calls it ‘snow’. I didn’t like the way it felt on my paws. My mom made me go outside and walk in it. (I’m still mad at her about that!)


There were a lot of people prints in the snow, too. I don’t know why, but my mom kept wanting to go outside and play in it. I just wanted to go back inside and lay on my heated bed. Thankfully mom took me inside and I watched the snow fall outside from my blanket on the couch.

I hope all of my Foster Animal Hospital & Foster Animal Clinic at Parkway Commons friends stayed safe and warm during this winter storm!

Until next time,


My Experience with Canine Rehabiliation

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If you’ve ever wondered what canine rehabilitation therapy can do for your dog, read this testimonial from one of our clients. She has seen the improvements that this vital therapy can provide through first hand experience at Paws in Motion Canine Rehabilitation Center.

“In early Sept 2014 my 13 year old dog suffered a broken pelvis and had to have major surgery at Carolina Veterinary Specialists to repair her injuries.  After 8 weeks of post op healing, her surgeon felt she was ready to start physical therapy at Paws in Motion Canine Rehabilitation Center.  When I brought Sally the first time, she could not stand or walk on her own.  Dr Foster and Candace worked with her twice a week, and gave daily homework that we completed on our own.  She made great strides!

At first, she was just better able to support her weight while she urinated, which was a great initial step.  Then, the next week, she was able to take a few wobbly steps in the grass.  As another few weeks passed she was more sure on her feet, walking on her own.  By Christmas, I had to put her invisible fence collar back on, as she was running and exploring the yard!

The staff at Foster Animal Hospital were wonderful.  The receptionists always greeted us warmly, and got to know us over time.  Candace and I would communicate regularly by email, so I could give her updates on Sally’s progress.  When I decided to proceed with her surgery, I was told to expect a six month recovery.  With the help she received at Paws In Motion Canine Rehabilitation Center, she was running confidently within four months.  I am sure that without physical therapy, Sally’s recovery would not have been as rapid.  I am really appreciative of their efforts, and would strongly recommend them for any pet needing physical therapy.

Shannon McFall Bass, DVM”

To schedule your canine rehabiliation assessment with Dr. Steve Foster or Dr. Mark Plott, call Foster Animal Hospital at 704-786-0104.