Adventures of a Spoiled Rotten Rat Terrier!

Amadeus sitting pretty for his professional photo shoot!

Amadeus sitting pretty for his professional photo shoot!


I’m Amadeus! I’m a spoiled rotten Rat Terrier. I’m 7 (and a half!) years old and I’m full of myself. I live at home with my mom, dad, brother & sister. My mom and dad are humans, but I don’t mind. My brother and sister are ferrets, but that’s ok too because while they sleep in a hammock at night, I get a heated bed all to myself! I guess you could say we’re just one big motley crew, the five of us.

My life is filled with mischief and adventure! I get to see some pretty cool stuff because my mom works at Foster Animal Hospital. It’s the best hospital around! I love the doctors, especially Dr. Foster, because he helped me feel better with Canine Rehabilitation Therapy (kind of like physical therapy for humans)! And everyone I see at the hospital always tries to give me lots of love and kisses, but sometimes I just want to be close to my mom.

I hope you’ll keep checking my blog because I have so many adventures I want to tell you about!

See you next time,