Saying Goodbye

7 years ago I graduated from Ohio State Veterinary School ready to take on the world.  Armed with 4 years of education and eager to get started making my passion into a reality.  Little did I know my education was only the beginning of what a veterinarian needs to understand in order to excel in this profession.  As luck (or fate) would have it I ended up at Foster Animal Hospital. This family took in a young veterinarian and helped me grow into the doctor I am today. The doctors and staff provided guidance and direction on tough cases, as well as a much needed hug during trying times.  My friends here at Foster Animal Hospital saw me through two pregnancies and the stress of becoming a working mom.  My friends could always bring a smile to my face after a sleepless night or offer kind words during a trying phase of parenthood.  Foster Animal Hospital has been more than just a job.  This has been my family during one of the most formidable times of my life. This is why it’s so hard to say goodbye.   I tried to hold on to this wonderful hospital through my recent move, however the strain of the commute has become too much for my family.  Therefore, it’s with a heavy heart I must say goodbye to the coworkers who have become part of my family and my clients who have entrusted me with the care of their beloved pets.   I leave with cherished memories and lifelong friends.

Best Wishes

Brittany Novosad, DVM