Foster Animal Clinic – The Jewel of the Carolinas


My first seven years at Foster Animal Hospital were spent wearing a plethora of hats; that of an internist, general practitioner, surgeon, and so on, all within the walls of our original hospital location.  Then, one day last year, Steve Foster approached me to ask if I would like to experience a day at Foster Animal Clinic at Parkway Commons (FAC). Having variation in my day to day routine is one of the aspects I love so much about being a Vet, but change can be scary.  Sure, I knew the clinic existed (somewhere down there), but its ins and outs were completely foreign to me. I had no idea what to expect and was therefore hesitant to accept.  That night I discussed the proposition with my family.  My then two year old son made a pretty compelling argument. “Mommy, you always tell me new things are fun!”  I was helpless before such sound logic.  It’s been nine months since my first day at FAC and I can honestly say my time down here has become a highlight of my week!

First thing you will notice at Foster Animal Clinic is the intimacy of our setting. Our ability to devote our undivided attention to you and your pet gives the clinic a unique experience.  The quiet atmosphere allows my patients to be more at ease during their visit. We are able to spend the time to learn the personalities of each patient and what techniques allow them to be more comfortable.

The location and size has been a huge asset for our busy clients. There is usually no wait time allowing for a smooth yet efficient appointment. Many clients take advantage of our drop off service and we get the benefit of having furry friends to play with all day! Having the support from Foster Animal Hospital just 5 miles down the road allows us to provide all the services of a large hospital while keeping the intimate feel of a neighborhood vet.

Approaching my first year practicing at Foster Animal Clinic I can say I have formed personal bonds with my clients, gotten to know little quirks about my patients, and have been able to grow as a veterinarian.  So if you haven’t experienced the family atmosphere at Foster Animal Clinic come by and stop in for a chat.  Like me, you may like what you see!

Brittany Novosad, DVM