What’s involved with Canine Rehab at Foster Animal Hospital in Concord?

Many have wondered and even asked what’s involved with Canine Rehab? Well, there are many facets. Let’s start with the Initial Assessment. The Initial Assessment is used much like a physical exam is used to diagnose medical problems. The Initial Assessment involves a review of your dog anatomically from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail and all points in between! The asessment begins at the face and addresses the various bony structures of the face and head, as well as, the musculature and symmetry of the face and head. After that, the entire spine (including the tail) would be examined for symmetry, painful areas, range of motion, muscle atrophy, hot areas, weakness, and flexibility. From the spine, each limb would be assessed as well. Here, the exam would check for painful areas, muscle weakness or atrophy, joint range of motion and end feels and would provide data to record for each. All problem areas found would be recorded. A Rehab Plan would be developed to address the needed rehab therapy for each of these areas. This process sounds simple, but each assessment requires one and a half hours in order to do a complete and thorough rehab assessment.
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In the next few blogs, I will discuss the different type of treatments we can do, as well as, some of the treatment modalities we have in place.
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