Dr. Robin Moser - Veterinarian


Dr. Robin Moser earned her Bachelor's degree in zoology and animal science from N.C. State University.

She received her DVM from Auburn University in 1983. Dr. Moser practiced small animal medicine in several states before settling in Concord in 1994. She started at Foster Animal Hospital the following year.

As a child, every "stray" in the neighborhood just happened to follow her home. She was always trying to bring more pets into her family. Between her infinite love of animals and her unique style of handwriting, her mother knew she was destined to be a Veterinarian. Dr. Moser loves her job because something new is always coming in the door and usually has an interesting person attached to the leash or carrier.

She currently resides with one husband, three children, and two cats, Bobbles and Tori. These numbers have been known to change but hopefully only by the number of dogs and cats.